Free Born Brothers : Country et musique Tzigane @ L'Intermediaire Live, Marseille [22 novembre]

Free Born Brothers : Country et musique Tzigane

21:00 - 23:59

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L'Intermediaire Live
63 Place Jean Jaurès, 13006 Marseille
Ils joueront à l'intermédaire
Country et musique tzigane
en première partie les locaux de johnny barrel
et la sérennade
21 h
paf 5 e

We wanna bring you chaos! We wanna give you fun! We wanna take you for a trip to our world where gypsy heart meets american folk, where melodies and energy means more then anything else before! the FREEBORN BROTHERS are here to give you relief in hard times, to put smile on your face and sweat a lot! '

Live music performance connected with crazy theatre and weird circus, those things are dragging everybody into it, if you think thats it… NO! add insane gypsy dancing, endless energy and fun than you will get just a draft of FBB live show. Every show is different from the other, never doing the same routine, you can see them houndreds of times and you not gonna be bored.
Freeborn Brothers are Niko Soszynski, Mateusz Plesniak and Pawel Kus. Love to music and need to be on stage and entertain people put them together to hit the road and create this amazing orchestra! Everytime when you wonder how to describe the band or what label put on it and you don't know how to do it cause variety of music is so wide and different that means you've got something unique and special. This is what we got when we're listening to FBB. This dangerous mixture is stealing people souls every place they visit.
They are constantly touring Europe, they played around 200 shows in 2014. Muddy Roots Europe Festival, Country Charro Festival or Van Thom Weekender and Tattoo Konwent Katowice are few of all shows they played in more then 14 countries. They are not slowing down, for 2015 touring plans are more ambitious — they are heading to Brazil and USA and also of course Europe!
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